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  • Among the most important things you choose to wear in your day, is what you choose for night. My collection of quality, comfortable pyjamas, loungewear and robes is vast – and like all fashion, it’s about style and comfort! By definition, comfort is ‘a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.’ That’s exactly how we should feel when we put our pyjamas on. Have you ever had that awkward moment when you take a shower in the middle of the day, and you don’t know whether to put on your regular clothes or your pyjamas? So I have a solution. I have filled my store with cotton knit from Peru and Italy, flannel cotton weaves from England, modal and jerseys from Italy and luxurious silk from Canada – and that’s just the beginning. I have listed here a small sampling of my favorite four brands to tease you into the store. But come and see for yourself – and finish off your day pretty and comfortable. Remember: Always wear your cutest pyjamas to bed. You’ll never know who you’ll meet in your dreams!

    Is your favorite one here .....?
  • Cotn (New York)

    Cotn Collection is a privately owned sleepwear manufacturing company in New York. Using only 100% Pima cotton from Peru they specialize in designing luxurious cotton knit sleepwear for women. Pima cotton is known worldwide for being among the most luxurious natural fibers and has been traced back as far as 4200 BC on the Peruvian Coast. Pima cotton fibers are extra long allowing them to be knit into denser and softer fabric. It is highly resistant to shrinking and pilling, is allergy free, breathable and perfect for sensitive skin or night sweats. It is heavenly to sleep in. We have lots of stock! Sizes available small – X-Large.Learn more
  • CyberJammies (Great Britain)

    For those of you who LOVE your old cotton sleep pants and even older jersey tee, but need to ‘up’ your fashion style, the CyberJammies Company from Great Britain has designed the perfect PJ’s for you. As a matter of fact – they built the company from that very need. With a top notch design team, and a selection of fine cotton and cotton blend fabrics they make a well fitting (and well appointed) pj for a discriminating taste. Comfortable, washable and easy care – all that, and still pretty. Lots of flannel in stock! Sizes 8 – 18 Learn more
  • Christine Vancouver (Canada)

    The single most elegant and luxurious fine silk sleepwear in the world is also the very first line of silk lingerie designed and manufactured totally in Canada. Christine Morton is a fashion designer whose stunning lingerie is worn by celebrities all over the world, and as well so many of my very lovely customers. The fit of her designs and the colour palates each season are always unique and breathtaking. But try them on with your eyes closed, to really feel the quality and luxury of her creations. “ Christine truly understands a womans body. Her designs allow a woman to both look and feel amazing.” Sizes available small – X-LargeLearn more
  • Armor Lux (France)

    Created in 1938 in Quimper France, Armour Lux is a highly ethical and responsible company, and has earned accreditation in manufacturing standards, employment, and environmental sustainability. Armor Lux operates their own knitting operation in Quimper, which assures them complete quality control in the dyes and process of materials. Armor Lux also operates the clothing and underwear manufacturing facilities, which designs and produces premium quality sleepwear and loungewear. ~ Pyjamas so soft and comfortable that you will want the morning to last forever. Sizes available small – X-LargeLearn more