There are many products on the market for washing fine washables. Our recommendation is to hand wash your finest lace and Lycra products with a biodegradable soap in tepid water. Soak only for a few minutes, and rinse well. Hang or lay flat to dry away from heat source. If you must wash your lingerie in the machine, use a mesh wash bag to protect its shape, and prevent the wires from coming out. We recommend washing your bra every wear or every second wear. Our favorite washes are Sport Suds (made in Canada) and Forever New Fabric Wash. Both are available in store.


Sport Suds has an advanced formula that gently cleans and rinses away completely. It is safe and effective for all washable clothing, and eliminates odors and removes residue left behind by other soaps. It is highly biodegradable, septic safe and non toxic. OECK 301A certified safe for use in small lakes and streams. Not tested on animals


Forever New Fine Fabric Wash is now available in liquid! Perfect for High Efficiency machines, Forever New can be used to wash all dedicates and fabrics: lingerie & hosiery, silk, wool, cotton, and Lycra. Made with plant based, biodegradable cleansers; free of SLES, parabens, phthalates and dyes; and never tested on animals. That's a promise. Powder wash comes in three convenient sizes - Liquid is family size.

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