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  • Amoena Breast Forms

    When we fit a breast form, we are very careful to obtain a clear picture of the womans individual needs. We start with a perfectly fitted bra, that supports her natural side and gives her the look that she is comfortable with. We then select from a vast collection of breast forms with the appropriate features according to the womans specific needs, to find the perfect ‘match’. . All sizes available in symmetrical and non symmetrical shapes.
    Choose from so many full support styles to compliment your best outfits or your most casual wear. Look pretty from the inside out.
  • Contact

    Following breast surgery many women are concerned that their breast form will move during normal day-to-day wear, or that they will be restricted in the types of clothes they can choose. Amoena has recently redesigned the Contact attachable breast form for improved performance and a more comfortable you. To ensure complete security, Amoena Contact breast forms adhere directly to your skin so that they will not slip or move, even when you bend forward or raise your arms. All sizes available in symmetrical and non symmetrical shapes.Learn more
  • Energy

    This unique design has a three-dimensional pearl surface on the back of the breast form that allows air to flow freely behind the form. Amoena Energy Breast form reduces perspiration behind the breast form and increases the evaporation rate during exercise or natural temperature changes. Comfort+ is made up of microcapsules that help regulate and balance fluctuations in body temperature. This patent temperature equalizing material actually absorbs, stores, and releases body heat behind the form – resulting in an unmatched level of comfort. All sizes available in symmetrical and non symmetrical shapes.Learn more
  • Balance

    Breast asymmetry occurs for many reasons such as after a lumpectomy, reconstruction, multiple biopsies – even naturally. Amoena balance symmetry shapers restore breast shape and body symmetry. Due to curve and match a womans boday and shape, they fill the bra cup completely, providing a smooth even silhouette. . All sizes available in symmetrical and non symmetrical shapes.Learn more
  • Breast form accessories

    Adhesive Silicone Nipples – for use with breast forms or on a reconstructed breast Back Pads and Breast form covers.Learn more