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  • Secret d’Eva is a family owned French lace manufacturing company that has designed lace for major luxury lingerie brands for over 100 years. The richness and delicacy of their embroidery are at the heart of the original luxury lingerie of this brand, launched by French artisanal embroiderers. Today, we are enriched as the team of in house designers can now sign their own superior quality luxury lingerie as their own. Superior pattern makers have designed a full support collection of bras and briefs that are unsurpassed in quality of lace by any brand. Fitting this brand is a pleasure, for both the fitter and the happy customer alike. Discover the secret of French elegance, from B to H cup. I am featuring just two bras from this wonderful line just to tantalize you. Come in and feel for yourself!

    Is your favorite one here .....?
  • Secret d’Eva 425M LYS ROYAL SPACER

    Using the most updated technology, the BASIC SPACER has a beautiful full coverage, with front forward position on the body. A high, round natural look cup is made of (3-D) air pockets rather than padding, and is easy to fit. Great wide side bands ensure a smooth foundation all around, and finished off perfectly by guipure lace details on the straps. To note: 3D fabric, also called Spacer fabric is comfortable, breathable, light, invisible, soft, unbreakable, and shape-resistant. Learn more
  • Secret d’Eva 425M LYS ROYAL FULL CUP

    This 3 part full support bra sits beautifully on the body, lifting and separating the breasts while maintaining superior coverage. The side panel ensures extra support and lifts while positioning the straps for centered placement. Secret d’Eva’s own ‘U back’ construction allows for fuller coverage on the back for a smoother look and which ensures less strap falling! Pair this design genius with the most beautiful French lace and you have a favorite bra every time! Learn more